The Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council

Step 5: Grow your circle
Posted: June 5, 2017 - 9:36am

You, your neighbors, and your community are stronger together.

Talk to your neighbors

Are others in your building experiencing the same issues you face? They may have information that will be helpful to you, too. Share this information with them, and encourage them to participate in this campaign by signing up for (Click here to send your neighbors an email about this campaign.)

Form a tenant association

The Metropolitan Council on Housing says, “When tenants work together, they can apply more pressure to make a landlord provide services, make repairs, and stop harassment—and get the best possible home for the rent they're paying. A strong tenant association can force a landlord to listen; as a group, the tenants can have more leverage to negotiate, file complaints with the city and state agencies that oversee housing, get help from elected officials, go to court, or—if push comes to shove—call a rent strike.” We agree. It’s also a great way to get to know your neighbors and improve the quality of life in your building. See the Met Council web site for advice on how to get started.

Join a community of organizers and advocates

Issues of tenant harassment and displacement pressure have been on the rise throughout this part of Brooklyn for the last decade. For that reason, there is an active community working to counter the threat of displacement. Your help can make a difference.

The Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council (PHNDC) is an organization open to all individuals who are stakeholders in the Prospect Heights community. PHNDC’s Housing Committee works to address issues related to the lack of affordable housing options in Prospect Heights, in part through campaigns like this one. You can find out more about PHNDC at

IMPACCT Brooklyn is an advocate, educator, and catalyst for helping residents build flourishing communities in Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Bedford Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, and Prospect Heights. IMPACCT offers many opportunities for volunteers. You can find out more and get involved at

Brooklyn Community Board 8 (CB8) represents the neighborhoods of Prospect Heights, Crown Heights and Weeksville. Board members are appointed by the Brooklyn Borough President, but all community members may participate in committees of the Community Board. CB8’s Housing Committee identifies needs and strategies for neighborhood improvements, and establishes budget priorities and make recommendations to the Board on housing issues, including issues related to affordable housing. The committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month at the CNR-Center Light Healthcare Center, 727 Classon Avenue, beginning at 6:00PM. More information can be found at


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