The Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council

Make our neighborhood greener with the Prospect Heights Street Tree Task Force
Posted: April 28, 2015 - 4:58pm

After a long winter, the daffodils and tulips that have popped up around our neighborhood – many of which were planted by Prospect Heights Street Tree Task Force (PHSTTF) volunteers – are welcome sights indeed. We hope they inspire you to take a few moments to consider how you can help make our neighborhood greener and even more beautiful in the coming weeks. We’d like to offer a few suggestions:

  • Invite the PHSTTF to partner with your block or merchant association to clean, aerate, fertilize, mulch and prune the street trees on your block or commercial street. The PHSTTF will provide the tools, mulch and volunteers to help get the job done. What we need from you is an invitation!
  • Invite the PHSTTF to set up an information booth at your next block party. This will give us an opportunity to share our passion for tree care with more of our neighbors. What we need from you is an invitation!
  • Adopt a street tree near your home or business, and we can be the godparent! We can provide you with a free gator bag to help water your tree and a long-handled cultivator to loosen the soil. What we need from you is an invitation!  
  • Become an urban tree expert by signing up for Trees New York’s Citizen Pruner Course: http://www.treesny.orgYou won’t be disappointed!
  • If you’re interested in treating your favorite street tree to a protective tree guard, check out this web site:  Tree guards are not cheap, but cost is considered as a tax-free donation.  
  • If you’re itching to make Washington Avenue cleaner and brighter, join WAPHA (Washington Avenue Prospect Heights Association) this Saturday, May 2nd, at 10 AM for the Washington Avenue Spring Clean-up. Details at:  

Last but not least, please join PHSTTF on Facebook to stay in touch with our news and concerns at

You can contact the Prospect Heights Street Tree Task Force at