The Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council

DOT presents Grand Army plan at GAPCo meeting
Posted: April 19, 2011 - 8:43am

On April 16th, The Grand Army Plaza Coalition (GAPCo) held its annual meeting at 1 Grand Army Plaza. The agenda covered the (nearly) final DOT plan for Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park's plan to move Abraham Lincoln to the Plaza center berm and Heart of Brooklyn's update on its wayfinding project.

DOT is moving forward on its traffic calming/redesign of the north end of the plaza (Vanderbilt/Flatbush) and Southwest entrance (Union/PPW/Flatbush). The project will create larger traffic islands in the north Plaza and easier access to the Fountain from all sides. In an act of pure genius, DOT has found an elegant solution to the "slip lane" that provides cars an opportunity to go around the circle and then cut across 5 lanes of traffic to PPW or Union Street. At all hours this is a mess. During rush hours this is a nightmare. The solution involves installing a traffic signal halfway between the Flatbush/Vanderbilt intersection and Union Street to allow traffic to go their desired direction without merging. There is also better harmonization of the Union Street/PPW/Plaza West bike lanes and traffic lanes.

A copy of the plan should be available shortly but does not differ significantly from the plan issued last year with the one exception that the protected bike lane on Plaza Street has been removed.